How Does GRS Ultra Work?

Despite what you’ve been told, super-human health is NOT about “eating more veggies” or “getting more exercise”. It’s not about “fish oil” or even GENETICS.

The truth is, your body is ALREADY designed to kill any harmful germ, virus, bacteria or dysfunction.
But for almost everyone living in the US, it can’t do what it’s designed to do.

Because every day, without your knowledge, the cells of your body are silently assaulted and weakened by something that turns healthy cells from their smooth, full, round shape, into spikey, deformed-looking cells.

These are cells that have been attacked by Rogue Cell Destroyers called Free Radicals.
These corrupted, mutilated, and deformed cells are NOW sitting ducks…for any germ, disease, harmful bacteria, or virus to invade.

And if you’ve heard the term “antioxidants” (which I’m sure you have), they’re your body’s protective shield against these free radicals. And modern medical research has found that the most powerful antioxidant available to man is something called Glutathione.

Those in-the-know hail glutathione as the “Master Antioxidant”, the “Master Detoxifier”, or the “21st Century Cell Protector” because it’s an astonishing 5,000 times stronger than ANY other antioxidant in the world.

Unlike other antioxidants you may have heard of like vitamin A, C, and E…Glutathione is so powerful because it’s something your body makes.

However, because of the daily onslaught of free radicals caused by chemicals, pollution, genetically modified food and such, your body isn’t producing sufficient glutathione to combat the invaders, and the free radical damage builds up over time.

Which is why we need to infuse our bodies with glutathione-boosting ingredients.

The first ingredient in GRS Ultra is SelenoExcell®
It is the world’s most potent and bioavailable form of selenium you can find – guaranteed.
That’s because this specific ingredient, SelenoExcell®, underwent a historic 10-year, double-blind study funded by The National Cancer Institute, that revealed

  • a 63% reduction in prostate cancer…
  • 58% less colon cancer…
  • 46% reduction in lung cancer…
  • and a 50% decrease in cancer mortality.

The second ingredient is N-acetyl-cysteine (or NAC for short). NAC helps create glutathione in your body by supplying something called cysteine. Cysteine contains the crucial sulfur molecule we now know is essential for your body to create a flood of glutathione.

The third ingredient is ROC® (Red Orange Complex), which has been found to raise glutathione levels by a staggering 68%!!!

A clinical study on athletes who consumed ROC® produced stunning results:

  • their glutathione rose 68%,
  • antioxidants went up 133%,
  • and DNA damage decreased 20%.

The combination of these 3 powerful ingredients creates the strongest antioxidant available to man and restore health back to Americans.

And unlike the supplements you find in your local health food store…these are non-generic ingredients.

They are individually tested under clinical settings to make sure that glutathione levels would in fact dramatically increase.

With GRS Ultra, you can now allow your body’s natural ability to rebuild fresh, strong, youthful cells radiating with energy and life to flourish, without any barriers…at the lowest possible price.